This provides our clients with opportunities not available to other potential acquirers. The absence of competition most often results in a purchase price well below market rates.

Acquisition Services include:
• Target
Identification & Qualification
• Valuation Analyses
• Price & Terms
• Due Diligence
• Transaction
• Integration Assistance (if necessary...)

"Value is not that hard to find.... if you know where to look."
- Garner Wilson

Athena Advisors continues to successfully act on behalf of owners and shareholders of privately held middle market companies who are seeking to grow their organizations as well as private equity firms seeking to grow a portfolio or establish a new investment platform.

We have found that the key to concluding
successful acquisitions in today's market is not only identifying quality organizations but rather those opportunity whose owners have reasonable valuation expectations.

More often then not, the opportunities that we identify are not currently being marketed for sale.