Industry Experts
As industry professionals, we focus daily on the issues that are critical to the Hospice and Home Health industry. Our track record is a direct reflection of our experience. To date, we have completed more successful transactions then any other firm.

Whether it be billing & reimbursement, CAP & ADR challenges, fluctuations in admissions, or changes to Medicare and Medicaid, we maintain a clear understanding of the factors that impact those who are buying, those who are selling, why, and to what degree.

The "Right" Fit
Our experience also affords us an extremely intimate understanding of each potential acquirer’s unique and varying criteria. We have clearly defined each potential acquirer’s….
- Geographic Preferences
- Growth Strategies
- Clinical and Administrative Structure
- Marketing and Referral Source Strategies
- Medical Record & Billing Protocols
- Etc, etc….

So what does this all mean?
With varying criteria’s, no two acquirers will
evaluate and therefore value an organization the same. Fortunately, we are able to answer in advance what truly is the most important question; which acquirer(s) will value an organization the greatest, to what degree and why.

To learn more about our services and to receive a
100% completely confidential consultation about your business, please contact us at your convenience.